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Ecology Walks & Field Trips

Ecology Walks & Field Trips

Ecology Field Trips

Junior Cert  & Leaving Cert Ecology and Field Skills Workshops – particularly suited for school  and community groups who want to learn more about field ecology. These workshops give an introduction to the ecology of Tramore Bay, as well as introducing key concepts such as food-webs and other ecosystem interactions. Participants will also be shown how to perform common ecology sampling methods and improve species identification.


Junior certificate students on completion of a field trip should be able to:

  • Draw a simple map showing main features of the habitat
  • Use compass to establish North-South Etc.
  • Measure and record relevant environmental (abiotic) features of the habitat such as:
    ➢ Air temperature
    ➢ Water temperature
    ➢ Sand temperature
    ➢ Light intensity
    ➢ Wind direction
  • Identify adaptation of organism to survive on seashore
  • Use of quadrat to estimate numbers
  • Use a  line transect to show change in number and distribution
  • Effects of pollution on habitat
  • Mention any conservation projects in operation

Leaving Cert Programme also available on request

To discuss your groups needs just call Freedom Surf School & Adventure and ask to speak to one of our Ecologists.Phone: 086 3914908 or 051 386773

The Sand Dunes - Ecology Walk

Eco walks to Tramore Sand Dunes :
Learn about the ecology of Tramore Bay while experiencing nature first-hand on this informative walk.  Ecologically, the wetland area of Tramore contains a diverse range of habitats with associated plant and animal communities and is a nationally important Area of Scientific Interest and internationally important Special Protection Area and Special Area of Conservation. A well-developed dune system surrounded by a “Backstrand” which supports a rich invertebrate fauna on which many birds feed: Enjoy Learning about the ecology of Tramore Bay and our 500 year old Sand Dunes

Rockpool Exploration - Primary Schools

Rock pool exploration for Primary Schools:

Lurid long tentacles, snapping crabs and transparent prawns. Discover a whole new bunch of creatures along the shoreline as you check out the fascinating marine life that inhabits Tramore’s rock pools. At first the pools might look empty, but keep still and beneath the water the marine life will soon spring into action.Children get to experience the natural world first hand and learn  about the animals and plants found in Tramore Bay

Discover the Great Outdoors on our Eco Hikes bringing our local environment to Life.Freedom  offer a range of ecology related activities which can be tailor-made to suit school, community,corporate and family  groups of all ages.

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